5 Deficiencies of Nutrition That Can Make You Sick

On earlier days, people had faced the problem of malnutrition because they didn’t have enough food with them. But even now though most of the people have enough food while they still have the problem of nutrition deficiency. While most of the people are becoming obese because of their junk food habits. As they are gaining calories, while they are deficient with other nutrition in their body. Deficiency of some of the nutrients and mineral contents can also cause health problems as well. In such a case, you can take food supplements of Purtier brand to regain your health. Here are shown the 7 nutrition deficiencies that can make you sick:

Vitamin C

Most of the animals can synthesize vitamin C in their own body. But we humans have to intake vitamin C externally in the form of food items only. Most of the citrus (sour) fruits like Tomato, Lemon, and Orange are considered as good natural sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin B12

Purtier Placenta

This nutrition content is naturally present in the non-vegetarian food items which include fish, pork, meat, poultry eggs and other animal husbandry products. While for the vegans, there are some cereals and nutritious yeast food items which contain vitamin B12. It is also important for increasing RBC cells and hemoglobin in the body while it also helps with the neurological functioning of brand and DNA synthesis as well.

Vitamin D

While you might have heard that sunlight is the best source of gaining Vitamin D. But if you don’t have enough sunshine at your place, then you need to include Fish, Egg yolk, Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel in your diet. While another way of enhancing vitamin D level in your body is to get more magnesium, as magnesium can also help you to raise the vitamin content in your body.


Iodine is a mineral found in the ocean fish, like seaweed, sea shrimps and other seafood items. While some of the cereals and dairy product also contain iodine in it. Iodine content is used by the body to function


Top Natural Ways To Maintain A Youthful Skin

You can’t stop yourself from aging but you can definitely maintain your beautiful skin and slow down the process. The health of your skin majorly depends on the food you eat and how you take care of yourself. Good amount of nutrients not only provides you energy but also helps to replicate the cells. Shielding yourself from harmful toxins while having adequate sleep and regular exercise will help you a lot to maintain healthy glowing skin. Below are some of the natural ways which you can use to take care of your blooming skin.

Keep yourself always hydrated

One of the best remedies for dull and damaged skin is to drink plenty of water on a regular basis. Due to the busy schedule and abundance of work people cannot able to hydrate themselves. But from now onwards no matter how much busy you gets you must always remember to drink water. Drinking less amount of water will not only make your body function in a less optimum way but also makes your skin look dull and flaky.

Include antioxidant food in your diet

You may have already heard that antioxidants are very important for your body. It gives strength to our body to fight against any diseases as well as aging. Therefore if you want to stay young you can include several fruits like raspberries and purple grapes etc. your diet. In fact, dark chocolate is also a good source of antioxidants. You can also have various food supplements like Purtier which is very good for the skin and does not have any side effects.


Avoid sun exposure

Although sunlight is the best medium get vitamin D which is also very beneficial for our health but excessive UV rays can damage your skin. So always wear sunglasses and apply a good sunscreen to protect safeguard your skin from getting damaged.

Take adequate sleep

Having proper sleep is very important for your health. You may have also observed that whenever you do not sleep enough, your skin looks dull and you don’t feel good both mentally and physically. So try to take less stress and sleep for maximum 6-7 hours.



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